The project

The mission of “Project 208 – Reveal the heritage and values of the World” is to create emotion, to inspire, to provoke travelling and learning; to tell the stories behind at least 208 places with cultural and historic significance in a more different and humane way – by revealing the emotions and values that these places arouse in those who visit or keep them, or live nearby. Each place will be accompanied by a video, photos and the most important – a story. It is not an ordinary story. It is one that aims to urge everyone to visit not the next typical landmark, but a place that is a part from the heritage it represents.

People travel because this brings them emotions. Project 208 gives them these emotions, by revealing the real spirit and essence of gorgeous places hidden all over the world.

I like Project 208 because it is an inspiring initiative that touches the heart and provokes new emotions when we visit well-known and favourite places in Bulgaria. Project 208 is a challenging journey with the aim to search true feelings and fantastic stories.
There are really charming places in Bulgaria. We live among a diversity of outstanding cultural, historical and natural sights. In the meantime, we know too little about them and we have not even heard of some of them. As soon as I learned for this initiative, I decided to support it because through Project 208 we are given a wonderful possibility to learn something more for these places in a new way, namely by revealing the emotions of those who have already been there.
There are picturesque and secluded spots hidden all over Bulgaria and for their existence a lot of our compatriots do not know. Project 208 will enrich or recall all of us the values of our precious land. We often travel in foreign countries and we are amazed by different places or monuments, but we even do not know that very close to us and even to our homes there could be a place that could make us exclaim in rapture. I urge all of us to be more enlightened and last but not least curious towards our own motherland.
I like Project 208 because I believe that each of us should know what kind of cultural and historical sights are hidden in our country. Tour the country, in order to love it :) I totally support this amazing project.