Story 0: ‘St. Nikolay’ Monastery – Scravena

When we start talking about our dream Project 208, there is always a place we think of – one that fascinated us with its simplicity and uniqueness. ‘St. Nikolay’ Monastery is situated near Scravena village. When our Navigational system brought us there for the first time more than 5 years ago, we could not even believe that this place existed, our car also doubted.

The place is really close to the main road E79 (Botevgrad-Mezdra part), but in the meantime it is up there, in the mountain, above everything. It is unique due to its centuries-old oak. Nobody can say exactly how old the oak is, but definitely it is more than 500 years of age which makes it one of the main pillars of the Monastery. The story of the Monastery is very emotional and real, but more importantly, this place brings energy even to those who are not believers.

By this story we want to give you a hint what is forthcoming. The video is with low-quality and the interviews with the most people are not included. We believe that you will trust us and support us in order to be able to tell you 208 more stories in the way you could feel the real Bulgaria.


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